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Afrogram Email Marketing

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Cut through the clutter with targeted email

Email Marketing Packages

The internet has forced the evolution of communication. The shift in the way businesses communicate with each other (B2B) and to their customers (B2C) has taken a quantum jump from the era of placing adverts in print, on radio or television to creating lasting one-on-one digital impressions in the evolving age of technology and new media.

E-mails are low cost, targeted and straight-to-customer with increasing possibilities for higher returns on investment (ROI). Strategic, quality content about important updates, events, promotions, new products and services are sent to customers to communicate the value of their patronage and loyalty. Customers want brands that they can trust, companies that know them and communications that are personalized and relevant.

Our tremendously cost-effective email marketing campaigns solutions includes powerful tools to help your company send automatic marketing emails to target customers, keeping them updated on new products and services in four simple steps; create, send, track and profit from email campaigns. Our packages are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of your business, with automated follow up loops to manage timely customer feedback.


  • We develop winning email marketing strategies that works for you.
  • We roll-out campaigns that maximize results.
  • We explode the growth of your customer enquiries.
  • We ensure that your email campaigns get to customer’s inbox and actually get opened.
  • We measure open rate, click-to-purchase rate and conversion rate and return on e-marketing investment.
  • We use Social Media to boost email campaigns.







Why Choose Us?

Our culture of giving expert advice on Lead Generations has continually upgraded our clients’ brands to the latest in the digital media space and has earned us a vast portfolio of successfully delivered projects.

Global Experience

In the last 15 years, we have executed digital experiential activations and sustained online marketing platforms for our clients both in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We have helped our clients’ transition from the traditional media to successful and cost-effective digital media solutions that have better served their need for, interactive and measurable marketing efforts.