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Information Technology Solutions to achieve best ROI

We do Digital.

The Power to Engage

Digital Media provides a more interactive, closely targeted, cheaper and measurable media marketing solution. At Seven Twelve Digital, we specialize in creating, implementing and delivering dynamic communication channels with the ever changing business landscape and digital shift to meet the demand of today's consumer.


We plan, execute and monitor Information Technology Solutions to achieve best returns on investment (ROI), focusing first on the strategic needs of your business to determine the technology solutions needed to support your long-term goals.


We have the experience and expertise to help you plan, execute, prioritize and monitor internet usage for your business needs to achieve the best Return on Investment (ROI).


Security Threat: Access to countless web pages and sites for information and data on the internet without creating a security filter comes with its own danger. Our effective internet performance solution serves as a shield against intrusive security violation. While surfing millions of websites, it filters incoming web data based on its content and not its source alone. Malicious content that is smuggled into trusted sites will still be detected and filtered out, protecting your company’s internal network.

Legal Trouble: Liability of inappropriate content can pose unpleasant issues for your company. Content Companies can be liable for the data that is transferred into their internal networks and servers Pornography at work and downloading of copyrighted materials are a real and dangerous threat to any company. If a good Internet Performance Solution is in place, unprofessional and unethical contents are instantly blocked using standard filters.

Employee Productivity: Internet abuse is a major cause of distraction in work places, social media being top of the list. An effective Internet Performance Solution is essential because granting your employees unrestrained access to the internet may cut down the productivity of your work force. At the same time, a badly configured web content filter can also have a negative effect on productivity if it blocks legitimate content that is needed by your employees to do their job.

At Seven Twelve Digital, we help companies confidently address technology-related decisions, in order to enhance the productivity and relevance of their brand.

For more information on how we can help your brand achieve their Online Marketing Objective, please contact us.

Why Choose Us?

Our culture of giving expert advice on Lead Generations has continually upgraded our clients’ brands to the latest in the digital media space and has earned us a vast portfolio of successfully delivered projects.

Global Experience

In the last 15 years, we have executed digital experiential activations and sustained online marketing platforms for our clients both in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We have helped our clients’ transition from the traditional media to successful and cost-effective digital media solutions that have better served their need for, interactive and measurable marketing efforts.