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Digital TV

Ensures our clients’ businesses are at the fore-front of visibility at ALL TIMES

We Do Digital.

Engage Your Target Audience

With a big assist from cutting-edge technology, we plan the overall communications strategy and digital media solutions that ensures our clients’ businesses are at the fore-front of visibility at ALL TIMES.

Our digital signage solutions provides your business the opportunity to advertise products and services on television sets within your office premises and any other place you chose to have television sets to interact first-hand with your consumer.

Our Digital Media Solutions are designed to;

  • Be strategically placed indoors, with high definition multimedia display screens
  • Run strategy-focused marketing activities that allows brand to consumer interaction
  • Efficiently work within our clients’ marketing budgets


BANK TV: Banks, Insurance, stock exchange bureaus and other financial institutions can display daily exchange rates, product offers and customer service information on digital screens.

HOTEL TV: Specifically designed for hotels & hospitality institutions, Digital signages will display uniquely programmed information, sensitizing visitors and clients about current offers and promotions amongst others.

RETAIL TV: Stores, pharmacies and other retail outlets can show potential clients and visitors’ current prices, while they wait to be attended to.

MALL TV: Television sets acquaint potential and current customers of shops running promotions/discount sales, latest products and loyalty information without disrupting them while they shop.


At Seven Twelve, our Consumer Survey and Feedback Android Screens gather Real-time responses. Real-Time Consumers’ responses are collated to appraise the quality of your product and services.

For more information on how we can help your brand achieve their Online Marketing Objective, please contact us.

Why Choose Us?

Our culture of giving expert advice on Lead Generations has continually upgraded our clients’ brands to the latest in the digital media space and has earned us a vast portfolio of successfully delivered projects.

Global Experience

In the last 15 years, we have executed digital experiential activations and sustained online marketing platforms for our clients both in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We have helped our clients’ transition from the traditional media to successful and cost-effective digital media solutions that have better served their need for, interactive and measurable marketing efforts.