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Digital XPeriential Activations

We always go the extra mile, this is our PROMISE!

We do Digital.

XPeriential Digitalized

We specialize in creating and developing digital concepts and activations based on your marketing needs to help the target audience interact one-on-one with your brand. Our ideas and technological expertise will reposition the digital footprints for your brand to generate more sales, increase brand exposure, product/service awareness and customer engagement, while also proposing creative access to digital channels that will promote and expand the reach and impact of your brand to its target.

We don't have a choice as to whether we DO Digital Media, the question is how well we DO it



In the digital era, businesses are continually on the lookout for events and promotions that can capture the interest of their target customers. If your company is wondering how to break through the thick competition to reach the very target market for whom your products and services are designed, then you have just clicked on the right tab.


Our Research methodologies bring home the action by targeting the RIGHT audience in the RIGHT manner and at the RIGHT time.

At Seven-Twelve, we recognize that Digital Experiential Marketing is purposely for the creation of experiences that enhance the consumer’s journey with your brand. We, therefore create an immersive experience that enables consumers to physically and digitally interact with your brand. Many times, this magical experience around the point-of-purchase or service is all that a brand needs to spark massive excitement in those who ultimately purchase the product.

Our Digital Experiential campaigns always seek out to capture the Brand-to-Consumer Interactions. Among our repertoire of Brand-to-Consumer magical moments are: :

  • Effectively planned-to-details Mall Activations
  • Real time Tweets
  • Instant Facebook picture uploads
  • Instagram hashtag mentions
  • Social Media Optimization


We keep you abreast of latest best practices and opportunities for interactive mall activations. Shopping malls are a melting pot of people from all walks of life. Therefore, there is a huge potential for sustainable interaction.

Digital strategy for malls are innovative activations that targets creating social media-charged shopping experiences for every one that steps into your mall. With the fusion of online activity, shoppers are able to share their experience with their friends, attract social mentions and in the long run, drive traffic to your mall. These experiences are strikingly etched in the minds of your customers, and creates the magnetic attraction that makes them come back for more.

For more information on how we can help your brand achieve their Online Marketing Objective. Get in touch!

Why Choose Us?

Our culture of giving expert advice on Lead Generations has continually upgraded our clients’ brands to the latest in the digital media space and has earned us a vast portfolio of successfully delivered projects.

Global Experience

In the last 15 years, we have executed digital experiential activations and sustained online marketing platforms for our clients both in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We have helped our clients’ transition from the traditional media to successful and cost-effective digital media solutions that have better served their need for, interactive and measurable marketing efforts.